What a season man wished we could relive it again came close last year though, and I loved every minute of it till we got to Seattle Seahawks that is put us out of the playoffs three dang times but our time is comming I know it don’t look like it yet but just you watch.

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Most of the Washington Redskins went home last weekend, doing anything but football to rest their bodies from both months of training camp two-a-days and for the grueling road ahead with 12 regular season games left.

Don’t count Pierre Garcon though, as one who kicked his feet up on the couch, watched the Price is Right and didn’t move until the doorbell rang with the three pizzas he ordered from Papa Johns.

Instead of using his hands to search for the remote that fell between the cushions, he was catching footballs of a smaller variety—with boxing gloves on.

Oh and did I mention the vision impairing glasses?

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